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VOT15   02 15-Tooth Texturizer
VOT27   02 27-Tooth Thinner/Blender
VOT33   02 33-Tooth Thinner
VOT09   02 9-Tooth Texturizer
VFT15   15 Tooth Flux Texture shear
VCD2   2 Shear Deluxe Case
VET20   20 Tooth EZE Texturizer
VFT22   22 Tooth Flux Texture shear
VSH-4   4-Shear Holster
VET40   40 Tooth EZE Thinning/Blending shear
VSH-6   6-Shear Holster
VZ8SC   8 Shear Zip Up Case
VSAAA   All Access Cutting Cloth
VAPV   All Purpose High Flex(TM) Vinyl Cape
VRV   Apex
VA   Atom
VAC   Atom Crane
VBCB1   BIZ Bag Attache
VB160   Boar Thermal Brush
VSABG   Body Guard All Purpose Cape
vbc60   Bow-6in curved shear
VA701   Cape Shield
VSDRY   Classic - Drycut
VLT14   Classic 14 tooth No Line Texture Shear
VLVclassic   Classic Cutting Shear
VLT20classic   Classic Seamless Finishing Shear
VBI230   Crystal Ion Boar Round - Large
VBI220   Crystal Ion Boar Round - Medium
VBI210   Crystal Ion Boar Round - Small
VBI240   Crystal Ion Boar Round - X-Large
VBIS60   Crystal Ion Classic Styler
VBIS50   Crystal Ion Cushion Paddle
VBIS40   Crystal Ion Oval Cushion Boar
VBI320   Crystal Ion Round Wood Boar - Medium
VBI350   Crystal Ion Round Wood Boar - Mega
VBI310   Crystal Ion Round Wood Boar - Small
VBI340   Crystal Ion Round Wood Boar - X-Large
VBI145   Crystal Ion Thermal Round - Extreme
VBI130   Crystal Ion Thermal Round - Large
VBI120   Crystal Ion Thermal Round - Medium
VBI110   Crystal Ion Thermal Round - Small
VBI135   Crystal Ion Thermal Round - X-Large
VBI170   Crystal Ion Thermal Styling Brush
VBLT3   Crystal Ion Ultralight Thermal - LARGE
VBLT2   Crystal Ion Ultralight Thermal - MEDIUM
VBLT1   Crystal Ion Ultralight Thermal - SMALL
VBLTD   Crystal Ion Ultralight Thermal Display
VBIS10   Crystal Ion Vented Styler - Medium
VBIS20   Crystal Ion Vented Styler - X-Large
VCCR1   Cure Cut Razor
VHCC   Deluxe Haircutting Cloth
VDT-   Double Take Brush With Comb
VDTBC-DI   Double Take Brush/Comb Combo 9 Pc. Display
VRD   Dry evolution
VSSA   Elite V-Neck Apron
VSE   Epic by VIA
VCI1   Fine Tension Pin-Tail Comb
VFI23   FIT 23 tooth Seamless Blender
VFI   FIT Cutting shear
VFC   Flux By VIA
VSHF7   Flux Shear Case By VIA
VJZ   Jazz Cutting Shears
VJT40   Jazz Thinning/Blending Shear
VCCK   Kimono Client Cover Up
label   label
VLHC   Lightweight Haircutting Cloth
VCI6   Long Classic Cutting/Styling Comb
VCI4   Low Tension Cutting/Styling Comb
VCI2   Low Tension Pin-Tail Comb
VAPP   Luxury All Purpose Cape
Mandarn_Shirt   Mandarin Stylist Shirt
VB150   Mega Thermal Brush
VTMS   Mini By VIA
VNT16   NeO 16-Tooth Texturizer
VNT30   NeO 30-Tooth Thinner
VNLT30   NeO Thinner (LEFTY)
VNXT20   NXT 20 Tooth Texturizer
VNXT40   NXT 40 Tooth Thinner/Blender
VO   O2
VRSB6   OMG 6-tooth Styling Blades
VRSB9   OMG 9-tooth Styling Blades
VOMGM   OMG Multi Texture Sample Blade Pack
VSRBP   OMG Styling Blades
VRS   Orbit
VRST35   Orbit 35-Tooth Thinner by VIA
VPR30   PWR Thinner by VIA
VSHB7   Quick Draw™ Shear Holster
VRSMP   Reflections Mirror
VRAP   Reversible All Purpose Cape
VCI3   Reversible Cutting Styling Comb
Service1   Service for 1 shear
Service10   Service pack for 10 shears
Service2   Service pack for 2 shears
Service3   Service pack for 3 shears
Service4   Service pack for 4 shears
Service5   Service pack for 5 shears
Service6   Service pack for 6 shears
Service7   Service pack for 7 shears
Service8   Service pack for 8 shears
Service9   Service pack for 9 shears
VSG500   SG-500 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG505   SG-505 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG510   SG-510 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG520   SG-520 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG525   SG-525 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG530   SG-530 Silicone Graphite Comb
VSG535   SG-535 Silicone Graphite Comb
VPSC   Shear Folio Case
VSLIP   Slip - Rotating Dry/Slide Cut Shear
VV   Spectrum Client Cape
VST14   Spin 14 tooth Thinner By Via
VS   Spin By VIA
VSTPR   Spin Razor Trio
VSNRR   Spin Rotating Styling Razor
VST40   Spin Thinner/Blender By Via
VB140   Thermal Brush
VBTSD   Thermal Styler Retail Display
VSHP5   Think Pink Tool Pouch
VSWB   Ultra Mist Water Bottle
VCUTS   Unity Tool Shell
VRTB10   VIA 10-Tooth Soft Texture Blades (10-Pack)
VTHCD   VIA 15 pc. Crystal Ion Thermal Brush Display
VBHCD   VIA 15 pc. Ion Natural Boar Hanging Brush Display
VSHCD   VIA 15 pc. Ion Styler Hanging Brush Display
VC2   VIA 2 Shear Case
VSZC1   VIA 6 Shear Zipper Case
VRTB6   VIA 6-Tooth Coarse Texture Blades (10-Pack)
VBCLR   VIA Brush Cleaner
VBBCC   VIA Building Blocks Children Cape
VCSCC   VIA Carbon Silicone Graphite Comb Collection with 6 combs
VCSC1   VIA Carbon Straightening Comb
VCOB4   VIA Cobra Clip 4-pack
vcucc   Via comb clutch
VCT   VIA Control Clips - Regular
VCU   VIA Control Clips - Ultra
VSPCC   VIA Control Clips Sample 6-pack
VBFUL   VIA Crystal Ion Floor Display
VDAA   VIA Deluxe All Purpose Apron Blue/Black
VLY26   VIA LYTE 26 tooth thinning shear
VLY   VIA LYTE Cutting Shear
VMHC   VIA Mega Lightweight Cape
VNX   VIA NXT Netural Grip Rotating Shear
VCPx6   Via Pink plastic Clips
vsl23   Via Slip - Slip Seamless Finishing Shear
vhotp   VIA Style & Go Flat Iron Hot Pocket
STG   VIA Style To Go Bag
vtwv2   VIA Thermal Wine Bag, With Glasses, Napkins & Corkscrew
VCI5   Wide Classic Cutting/Styling Comb
vpwbp   Wood Brush Introductory Deal
VCIC   Zebra Print Crystal Ion Comb Collections
VZ   Zygo
VZL   Zygo (LEFTY)
VZLT20   Zygo 20-Tooth Texturizer (LEFTY)
VZLT40   Zygo 40-Tooth Texturizer (LEFTY)
VZT40   Zygo 40-Tooth Thinner

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